5 Innovative Video Concepts to Generate Leads

Even just that fact supports the use of video-based content marketing. But the secret is to produce videos that resonate with your audience and are in line with your goals. It takes a lot of planning, strategizing, and organization to develop a successful video marketing campaign that draws potential clients.

Videos can generally be interesting. However, employing them to create demand and leads requires extra work on your part. Here are five suggestions to get you started.

1.Include a compelling call to action

Encourage viewers to take action, whether you share a quick Instagram Reel or a lengthy YouTube video. Depending on your objectives, it may be any of the numerous choices, such as going to your website, buying something, subscribing to your channel, signing up for a newsletter, etc.

A successful call to action makes it clear what you want people to do. “Download now” or “Share with your friends,” for instance.

If your video is lengthy, place CTAs frequently throughout the entire thing. You may add cards and annotations to YouTube videos to promote particular CTAs. Make sure the CTA is appropriate and placed at the right time to instruct the viewer on how to interact with your brand.

The YouTube channel for Business Insider is a good source of inspiration. Each video ends with a prominent CTA that is visible for 10 to 15 seconds, providing the audience adequate time to read it and take action.

2.Increase landing pages with videos

The purpose of landing pages is to increase lead generation. They have been optimised to draw in quality leads. Videos about them can be incorporated to make them more interesting and educational.

Videos help you communicate more ideas without using a lot of text. The page’s text, including the headline and CTAs, can be used to provide more context for the main topic that is covered in the video.

Need some motivation?

3.Incorporate video into email campaigns

Your emails will stand out more if you include videos in your inbox outreach. Videos can be included in a variety of emails, including newsletters, invites to events, and announcements of new products. You can experiment and test different ideas to see what works best for your brand and audience.

It’s not easy to use videos in emails, though. Emails containing embedded videos are not accepted by providers like Outlook and Gmail. The recipient’s device could not support embedded video, even if the source does.

You can fix this issue by including a link to your video in your email. As an alternative, you might employ specialised email marketing tools. To make it simpler to include videos in your emails, software like BombBomb, Vidyard, Hippo Video, and similar programs provide Gmail and Outlook-specific connections.

Alternately, you might generate a thumbnail image by taking a screenshot of the video and including a play button. Want to accomplish that quickly? Click the add play button to view the image. You may make one, construct one, choose a play button design, alter its size, or add an image. Save the updated play-button picture. Include the image and a link to the video in your email.

Don’t forget to include “video” in the subject line of your email. That might encourage more subscribers to click and enhance your open rate, which ought to bring in more leads.

4.Use video content that is gated.

Using gated content to create leads for your company is a terrific idea. For the uninitiated, access to the content requires visitors to provide their contact information. Videos can be gated, just like white papers, case studies, and e-books, which are content formats that frequently lend themselves to this practice.

Videos such as tutorials, demos, and how-tos can be effective gated content because they are instructive, which audiences frequently perceive to be beneficial.

You may produce a series of videos. To pique viewers’ curiosity about the content, the first few would be unrestricted. Gate, the remaining ones after that. Opting-in increases the likelihood that the leads are qualified.

You must express the benefit the audience will gain for this method to be effective. Be specific about what they will receive and how it will help them.

5.Make use of video SEO

Your visibility and interest can be greatly increased by having your movies rank well in search engines. Create a catchy, succinct headline to draw in searches. Create a title for your films that naturally combines the primary keyword to optimise them for search. To ensure that the complete title can be seen in the search results, keep the title to 70 characters or fewer.

It’s crucial to write a meta description that provides searchers with a quick summary of what to expect. Instead of stuffing keywords into the meta description, use them when they make sense given the surrounding information.

Include a transcript beneath the video so search engines can’t read the words spoken in it. Web crawlers are more likely to index the video as a result of having a better understanding of what it is about.

Start a video marketing campaign.

Videos provide a wealth of options to inform and persuade your audience to interact with you. You may develop your business by strategically using videos in your content marketing strategy to create demand and generate leads. Have you prepared?