How to Use Video for Website Optimization

The benefit of a video-first marketing strategy is becoming more and more clear as video steadily gains ground in the field of content marketing. No matter where it is used in the sales funnel, the media has the capacity to enhance the audience experience, as seen by the never-ending flood of jaw-dropping figures.

Material marketers may use an asset-conversion process to convert text- and static-based content into videos in order to make video the mainstay of their strategy.

1.User and client/customer feedback

Platforms for analytics provide a wealth of information on how people arrived at your site and what they did while they were there, but in order to go further, it’s critical to understand what matters to visitors on a more personal level. In this aspect, survey tools like SurveyMonkey and others are quite helpful, but, like other text-based communication tools, they lack the ability to foster trust that comes from face-to-face engagement.

The benefit of the new video-based feedback tools becomes clear in this situation. Business representatives may create customised video messages using Typeform’s new VideoAsk platform, for instance, to get audience input on blog pieces, webinars, and events and to answer customer care inquiries.

Audience members can react using their own films, audio, text, or multiple-choice answer lists with this asynchronous communication tool. Customer feedback films are a visual feedback medium that also allows marketing teams to gain crucial qualitative information from customers’ body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions beyond simple data analysis.

2.Team biographies

The team bios on your website should be converted or supplemented since this is one of the best ways to humanise your business and increase trust. This should be at the top of your list for video optimization. What better way to reveal the faces behind your brand? What better way than to showcase brief, straightforward films of your team members discussing themselves and their responsibilities from within your office?

You may approach this type of material in a variety of ways, from simple smartphone and webcam movies to elegant, professional productions with illustrative b-roll of your team members at work. 


Businesses are constantly seeking methods to enhance customer service and lower the number of support tickets they receive. In fact, industry experts today believe that in the digital era, customer experience quality is a more significant brand differentiation than even pricing.

The importance of a solid FAQ page on this front cannot be overemphasised. In addition to giving potential consumers the knowledge they need to make a purchase choice, FAQs also save your staff time by avoiding the need to answer routine inquiries, and they may even help you rank better in search results.

According to studies, the majority of people prefer video to text when interacting with brands. Information delivered via video is also more likely to be remembered than information delivered via text. You may outperform your text-only rivals by converting or complementing your FAQ responses with quick, informative videos.

To achieve the best results, keep each video brief and focused on a single response (or topic). You can convey your message using a spokesperson style, motion-graphic text, or educational skits.

4.Live chat

Live chat has become a well-liked and successful digital marketing medium, much like video.

Talking directly to potential customers via live chat while using video is a fantastic way to increase customer trust by further humanising service encounters. This strategy may be especially helpful for businesses that want to provide customers with a more direct, personalized demo experience for tangible items or for service providers wishing to give customers in-person consultations.

5.Thank-you letters

Thank you pages are a crucial touchpoint for nurturing leads by enhancing the user experience and developing brand loyalty—another commonly underutilised website feature. The thank you page is what Neil Patel may refer to as a FITD opportunity. People who take one action, such as signing up for a newsletter, purchasing something, or participating in a lead-magnet offer, are more likely to do similar follow-up activities when prompted.

Utilize the FITD opportunity on your thank you pages to invite visitors to take an additional action, such as completing a survey, joining your social media channels, or using a discount coupon.

Improve video conversions

Adding or converting to video provides your business with genuine life and offers a useful face-to-face chance for contact, regardless of whether it’s your thank you page messaging, FAQs, team bios, live chats, or another technique.